Amazon’s upcoming set top box could play games, stream videos

Amazon Game Controller

That could help set the upcoming Amazon box apart from devices like the Apple TV and Roku, which are first and foremost designed for online video and music.

The Bluetooth controller features analog sticks, direction buttons, shoulder buttons, and X, Y, B, and A buttons for gaming. It also has dedicated keys for Android functions including Home, Back, and Menu as well as media buttons for play/pause, forward, and back.

Amazon Game Controller

All told, it looks like the controller provides just about everything you’d need to control a TV-centric version of Amazon’s Fire OS, the Android-based operating system the company developed for Kindle tablets.

That could make the box an interesting addition to Amazon’s ecosystem, since you’d be able to access games, music, movies, and other media on tablets or the TV much the way you can buy Kindle eBooks now and read them on a Kindle eReader or a Kindle Fire tablet.


Source: Liliputing

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