Ampe A73 Tablet 7″, 3G and removable battery

Occasionally some interesting new tablets appears in Chinese, this looks Ampe surprises us with a concept that we all know of Smartphones and other devices for some time and that many users wanted to see on tablets such as the removable battery. The Ampe A73 Dual Core 3G is a model that incorporated these batteries, concept sure I find it interesting and more if it were accompanied by a standardization of batteries, it will not be the case at least in the short term.

Ampe A73

The Ampe A73 Dual Core 3G include a Mediatek MT8312 Soc of Dual Core Cortex-A7 with support for Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio, GPS and WiFi b / g / n, but do not know yet the amount and type of memory that rode into your final version. Few more specs include this model with 7-inch screen that will support safe 2G, 3G and dual SIM slot and judging by the photos available light and proximity sensors. Currently there are no news on the price and availability of Ampe A73 Dual Core 3G model may seem more or less interesting to us, but we hope to open the door to the removable battery in the tablet market, it’s time .



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