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Aoluguya M1 TV Stick Dual Boot

Remember MeegoPad T01 TV Stick with both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 pre-loaded it’s safe to say that its competitor appeared. HDMI Stick dual boot Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 called Aoluguya M1. Aoluguya M1 TV Sticks claims to change that, as it ships with both operating systems.

Aoluguya M1Aloguya M1 hardware specifications look quite similar to other Bay Trail TV sticks:

  • SoC – Intel Atom Z3735F  “Bay Trail” quad core processor @ 1.33 GHz (Bust freq: 1.83 GHz) with Intel HD graphics Gen 7 (2W TDP)
  • System Memory – 2 GB RAM
  • Storage – 32 GB eMMC + micro SD slot up to 128GB
  • Video & Audio Output – HDMI 1.4
  • Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB – 2x micro USB ports, 1x USB 2.0 port
  • Misc – Power button
  • Power Supply – 5V/2A via micro USB port.
  • Dimensions – 11 x 3.9 x 1 cm
  • Weight – 45 – 50 grams

All features are exactly the same as MeegoPad T01, including dimensions and weight, and after looking at the ports placement, I can conclude that it should be the exact same hardware as MeegoPad T01.

Aoluguya M1Aoluguya M1 sells on DealExtreme for $136.27, with lots of references and pictures about Windows and Android dual boot support. DealExtreme normally reimburses what you pay for return shipping (up less than 35% of the item value and less than $40) in case the product is not as described or defective. Aoluguya is apparently a new brand that sells mainly via DealExtreme, you can check out their website at aoluguyaelectronics.com.

Source: CNXSoft

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