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AS0967 Micro TVBox with external antenna and low cost SOC AMLogic

TV-Stick format and a TV-Box called AS0967. This little device called our attention, apart from its small format, mount the Soc-Mx AML8726 Amlogic Dual Core and have an external wifi antenna to improve coverage. It is also interesting because of its low price is availablein AliExpress from about 35 €. Mini_MC_01_01 At the hardware level the AS0967 has very similar specifications to a traditional TV-Stick, Soc AML8726-Mx Dual Core, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage memory and WiFi  b/g/ n with external antenna. It has a USB connector, 2 MicroUSB connectors, HDMI output and MicroSD card reader. Also includes an IR remote control, HDMI and power supply extension cable. As for operating system Android 4.2 features, but do not know the degree of support it will have. Mini_MC_02_02Mini_Mx_03_01     Source

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