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ECS LIVA mini PC with Intel Core M

Elitegroup Computer Systems offers a line of tiny, low-power desktop computers under the ECS LIVA name. The first few models have featured Intel Celeron Bay Trail processors, but the company plans to unveil new versions with more powerful chips at the CeBIT trade show in Germany next week.

At least one model LIVA mini PC will have an Intel Core M Broadwell processor.

ecs liva xThe Core M chip isn’t exactly a speed demon, but it’s a 14nm processor based on the same architecture as Intel’s 5th-gen Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 chips. At the same time, the 4.5 watt Core M processor consumes less power than many Celeron or Pentium chips based on Intel’s lower-performance Bay Trail architecture.

ecs liva xThe Core M processor is typically used for laptops, tablets, and convertibles. ECS says its new Core M-powered LIVA mini PC will also be 14 percent smaller than its predecessors, feature higher-capacity storage options with support for up to 1TB, and faster WiFi.

In a statement, the company also refers to its new LIVA mini PC systems with 14nm chips in the plural… suggesting that the Core M model (which is a prototype) will be just one of the new models. I suspect others will be based on Intel’s new Cherry Trail or Braswell architectures, which replace the Bay Trail chips that have been used in low-power phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops  since 2013.

Source: Liliputing

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