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GIEC X6 4K TV Box with new SoC Amlogic S802 Quad Core

GIEC to be presented to the next TV Box with Amlogic new Amlogic S802 Quad Core Soc. The new TV Box GIEC  called X6  4K ride the most basic of the new range of Soc’s not Amlogic S802 incorporates support for HDMI PASSTROUGHT Soc. The S802 does not have, or will have, the audio support as this totally gelding from manufactures and Amlogic take out Soc specific versions of this with support for these audio technologies.

giec x6The GIEC X6 4K can be seen through a sample that uses a box that we have seen in models of this brand, as we mounted the Soc S802 Quad Core Amlogic Cortex-A9r4, GPU  MALI-450MP8 have 2GB of Ram, 8GB Memory Storage and 5G wifi wifi with external antenna. A priori level connections to mount three USB ports, A / V output, network connector 10/100 SPDIF output STEREO audio and MicroSD card reader. Came to market with Android 4.2 and real promises native support for video output formats 4k, 2k and 1080p. Currently there are no dates or prices for the new GIEC TV Box, hope to have more news soon.

giec x6



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