Kairos High-End Mechanical Smart Watch Features a Transparent OLED Display

Many companies have now launched their own smartwatch, and with the exception of models such as Motorola Moto 360, they are not always the most stylish you can find. Kairos, a Korean start-up, is about to change that, as it has designed an interesting and good-looking watch that, most of the time, just looks like a standard mechanical watch.

kairos mechanical smartwatch

But it can actually connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE?, and receive notifications for SMS, emails, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat etc… just like any other smartwatch via a thin 1.1m transparent OLED (TOLED) display that can turn 60% opaque.

Kairos smartwatch

This type of watch also have some practical advantages. The Kairos watch will make use of either a Japanese (Miyota) or Swiss (SOPROD) automatic movement, which will still work, even if the battery is depleted. Since the OLED display is only used to show notifications, the battery is expected to last about a week on a charge.

The company did not release any technical details, and is pretty wary of disclosing too many details, as even their video demo is password protected. There’s however a countdown on their website, and the watch will be available for pre-order on May 15, for $499 according to TechInAsia. You’ll have to be patient though, as Kairos watch is scheduled to launch this December, and is expected to cost about $1100 retail, and be sold via high-end watch shops.


Source: CNXSoft



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