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Linkin V9I new adapter Miracast/DLNA

Are continually emerging new models of adapters Miracast / DLNA market. Linkin V9I is a device that promises the usual support Miracast / DLN / Airplay / WIDI and as usual has its own page where you get some product information linkin.me .

Linkin V9I Miracast DLNA airplay WIDI

At the hardware level the highlights Linkin V9I  based on Cortex-A8 technology with 1GB Nand memory and 2GB of DDR memory, by store, although we doubt you have this amount of memory, it also has Wifi 802.11 b / g / n chip unspecified. As always this device is powered directly from the TV via a microUSB connector and has a small button to switch mode Miracast DLNA with ventilation slots. This adapter has an app that you can get himself in the Play Store .


Source: AndroidPC.es


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