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Measy A2K miracast adapter HDCP certified

We received the news of the imminent arrival of a new market adapter support Miracast / DLNA brand Measy. This new adapter called A2K us attention mainly because it meets the specifications of the limiting High-bandwidth Digital Content Protectio n ( HDCP ) and therefore should be compatible with most Android devices on the market , including those who usually have compatibility issues with Miracast adapters we’ve seen so far.

HDCPOtherwise little highlight the new A2K adapter because it does not have the final technical specifications and therefore know the chip, and memories used if you have a dedicated chip HDCP decoding. We expect to see this device and similar soon in the market for some users to enjoy seamless mirroring in some Android devices that give problems when using mirroring. Currently do not have money or time to market.

A2K Measy

Source: AndroidPC.es

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