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Measy B4A 4K TV-Box with Soc AMLogic S802 Quad core

B4A 4K is the name of the “new” TV Box Measy to ride the Soc Amlogic S802 Quad Core that is creating much excitement. Surely this model Measy I remember rightly powerfully to Tronsmart Vega, certainly can be treated with the same model of TV Box but with different brand marketer, one need only compare the pictures and technical specifications.

measy b4a rk

The Measy B4A 4K mounted a specification model that we know Vega, S802 soc Amlogic Cortex-A9r4 Mali450 to 2.0Ghz with GPU integrated in its most basic version, 2Gb of RAM, 8GB storage memory type TSD EMMC, bluetooth 4.0 and wifi 5G. A level of connectivity includes three USB ports, a micro USB, HDMI, RJ45 connector, A / V output, microSD card reader and optical audio output. As of Android 4.4 OS would have KitKat. Currently there are no release date or final price for the new TV Box B4A Measy 4K, although we assume that arrived to the market from May to June.

A TV Box that we currently attracts little attention. Eye in this sale already AliExpress from 102 € shipping included, but certainly without Stock.

measy b4a 4k


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