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New function in ZIDOO x9: ZIDOO Nas kit

Zidoo team developed a new very useful feature for Zidoo X9 Zidoo Nas kit.

zidoo x9As you know Zidoo x9 is Android media player is powered by Mstar MSO9180 quad core Cortex A9 processor, supports 4K video output and decoding, H.265 codec, a USB 3.0 port for fast external storage, and in HDMI input port that allows you to record video from another HDMI input device to a USB mass storage device, or micro SD card.

ZIDOO Nas kitFeatures ZIDOO Nas kit:

  • Build in Samba server, FTP server, SSH(Dropbear), Aria2, Transmission
  • Support Remote management by web

zidoo nasNow, through the application Zidoo NAS kit can share, download (BitTorrent and Metalink), store filesĀ and enjoy your home entertainment center to which you can manage remotely.

APK Zidoo NAS kit download: HERE

More info can be found on the Zidoo forum.

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