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Ramos i10 now available with Intel Z2580

After the interruption led by Chinese New Year holidays begin to reach us new models of tablets coming to market. The i10 is a Ramos announced months ago it finally reaches the Chinese model shops. The i10 is a tablet with heart Z2580 intel Dual core with 10 ” display with IPS.

Ramos i10

The Ramos i10 rides a Z2580 Intel Dual Core Soc memory with 2GB Ram, 16GB storage memory, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi b / g / n. The screen is 10 ” IPS with us resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Other features include two cameras 2 and 5mp, two front speakers or battery 7500 mha. This tablet Ramos noted for its aesthetic which greatly resembles a HTC one and body made ​​entirely of metal which gives it a great appeal. The Ramos i10 is now available for Pre in the various official stores in China by Ramos about 158 € to change. It is less to its big brother the Ramos i10 Pro to start and will have Dual Core and Quad Soc currently only booking this in any online store .