Tablet iFive Mini 3 With Retina Screen

Popular model tablet iFive Mini3 (product FNF) , that in this new version has some very interesting new features such as the inclusion of a Retina display, wifi 5G or including eMMC memory storage, considerably more faster than conventional NAND memory.

ifive mini3 retina
Hardware iFive Mini3 Retina is as follows – Rk3188 SoC Quad Core, 2Gb Ram, 16GB eMMC memory storage, 5G Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0. The screen is 7.9 inch IPS Retina type with a resolution of 2048 × 15636 pixels and 2 and 5mp camera. The battery is 4100mAh features MicroSD card reader, audio jack and USB OTG port. A continuous level design in the way of his successor, with narrow vertical frames metal body, weighing just 330g and thickness of about 7.5 mm.

iFive mini3 Retina

The iFive Mini3 Retina available from 130 € shipping included in AliExpress although we doubt that shipments not starting up within a week minimum . Interesting choice of tablet 7.9 ” screen and eMMC quality for those who seek something different.

FNF ifive mini3 retina



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