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nextbook ares 11

Nextbook Ares 11 – Hybrid for $197

Nextbook Ares 11 is a new tablet with a keyboard and running Android 5.0 Lollipop. What does this unit at a price less than $200 ? Let’s look at it closely. Let’s start with the technical specifications of the tablet. Nextbook Ares 11 incorporates the

Onda Dual Boot: Shared Data for Android and Windows

Tablets from China are cheap and have often times the possibility of Dual Boot. Means you can use either Android or Windows on the device, depending on what you want just make or what you need. Onda is a leading manufacturer and lift the whole

Ematic EGQ178 – A budget 7.9 inch Android 5.0 tablet

EGQ178 is a new tablet brand Ematic, which appeared on the American side of the FCC. What we know about this device? Quite a lot! Price and date of release tablet Ematic EGQ178 yet remain a mystery. Market debut is coming around the corner, however,

iconsole micro

iConsole Micro Intel Atom TV Stick To Run Android 5.0

Console OS is a custom version of Android optimized to run on computers with Intel processors. Don’t have a PC that supports the system requirements? No problem — the developers of the operating system plan to launch a tiny, low-power device that comes with Console OS pre-loaded.