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MeLE F10 Lite is an Air Mouse with Keyboard

MeLE has several models of air mouse, and they are great to use with Android mini PCs. Previous MeLE F10 air mice all comes with a built-in battery, but some people prefer to use standard batteries, and that’s just what the latest MeLE F10 Lite

mele PCG03 mini pc

Unboxing Mele PCG03 mini PC with Windows

For sure most of you had the opportunity to read about Mele PCG03 mini PC. Tom from was able to unboxing device and make a lot of pictures. Several of them have the honor to present to you.   But first briefly remind the Mele

mele mini pc pcg03

Mele PCG03 miniPC now on pre-sale for 149USD

Mele launched pre-sale announced in October mini PC called Mele PCG03. Mele has finally started mass producing their fanless Z3735F based mini PC and it is now on pre-sale via offical sales channels from 149USD including shipping and a genuine Windows 8.1 license.   Mele

MeCast S1 the new adapter Miracast Mele

Under the name of  MeCast S1 we got about the new adapter that implements various functions of mirroring and transmission of multimedia content  in MeLe . The MeCast S1 noted for their care and appearance by software run Actions. The MeCast S1 mounted on a common hardware