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ployer MOMO7W

Ployer MOMO7W with Windows 8.1 sells for $48

Tablets running Windows 8.1 are getting cheaper. Especially those from China, the best example is Ployer MOMO7W costing the equivalent of less than $50. Ployer MOMO7W is now one of the cheapest tablets running Windows 8.1. The device costs only 299 yuan ($48). What do

jky mini pc

JKY mini PC powered by Intel Baytrail-CR Z3736

A new day and a new model mini PC with an unknown brand JKY. The new mini PC is equipped with Intel processor SoC Baytrail-CR Z3736 and runs under the control of the operating system Windows 8.1. Main features JKY mini PC: ● Features 2GB

MSI Cubi mini PC available for pre-order for $150 and up

Five days ago we mentioned Cubi mini PC from MSI. Now they’re available for pre-order for about $150 and up. That makes these little desktops pretty competitive with similar small form-factor PCs such as entry-level Gigabyte BRIX, Intel NUC, or Zotac mini PCs. MSI is selling the Cubi