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The new firmware v1.0.2.8 for Zidoo x9 Release

We have good news, there is a new firmware for Zidoo X9 (v1.0.2.8 release).

Zidoo X9 TV Box powered by Mstar MSO9810 that also comes with an HDMI input port, but this time, they’ve implemented a PVR function, so if you have a low end satellite, cable, or terrestrial receiver, you can connect it to Zidoo X9 and record programs, which makes it much more useful.

zidoo x9New firmware v1.0.2.8 can be downloaded here. What we find in the new firmware v1.0.2.8 update list:

  1. Optimization record, when recording for the TS format , VLC can not play, video and audio out of sync issues
  2. Repair open WiFi set probability lead to system settings without response issues
  3. Remote control shortcut keys [16:9] remove the ZOOM1 and ZOOM2 options
  4. Default set to open the WiFi
  5. When installing apk google play verify that the default is off
  6. Remove the built-in GoogleMap application
  7. For reservation recording time changed to 12/24 hours
  8. Repair a plurality of recording path does not display issues
  9. Increase recording to a samba device(ensure shared SMB account has permissions to write, in the Explorer have login access)
  10. Optimization of SMB access, give priority to display the user name
  11. Increase in external storage device unmount function
  12. Repair the probability of no response to access the hard disk
  13. Increased by host name to add Samba device function
  14. Repair mouse clicks NFS didn’t respond issues
  15. Clean up tip “has been very smooth” change to “Task Completed”.
  16. Repair when zidoo remote control lose network to stop running issues
  17. Repair the audio code info error of video player
  18. Repair select subtitles (idx+sub) stop running issues
  19. Repair probability does not focus on external subtitles, need to manually add issues
  20. Repair after play BDMV/ISO, playing another video have not seek function issues
  21. Repair individual subtitles selection encode stop running issues
  22. Long press on the remote control home keys to open multi task management interface, up or down key to kill the current process


How to upgrade the Zidoo x9 firmware find here.

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