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Zotac will launch fanless mini PC this summer

Zotac has been offering tiny desktop computers for a few years, but this summer the company plans to add a few new models featuring passive cooling. That means they’ll have well-ventilated cases, passive heat sinks, and no noisy fans.

There will be at least two models of the Zotac ZBOX C Series desktop, one featuring an Intel chip and another with an AMD processor.

Zotac ZBOX C

The Intel model will be powered by an Intel Atom “Bay Trail” processor, while the AMD version will feature an AMD A6 “Temash” CPU.

While Bay Trail tends to offer better CPU performance than Temash, AMD’s low-power chip usually has the edge in graphics performance… although either model should be able to handle 1080p HD video playback and neither model is really up to the task of playing bleeding edge video games.

Other features include HDMI, USB 3.0, Ethernet and SD card slots, headset and mic jacks, an IR port, and room inside the case for a single memory SO-DIMM stick and a solid state drive.

According to Hexus, the Intel model will likely sell for around 250 Euros or more, which is about $350 US. The Zotac ZBOX C Series should launch in May or June.


Source: Liliputing

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